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    Biolomix Sous Vide Cooker Digital timer Display Powerful immersion Circulator


    Fast circulation heating -At 1500W the sous vide warms the water quickly, that is the quicker to go to tempo. This keeps the temperature constant and constant, helps to prepare food at a certain temperature. And the improved circulator can also use much larger water baths to cook more food at the same time.


    Easy to use Simple operation with two buttons and one button is easy to use. You can set the timer to delay the start of the preparation time to four hours to two hours, and dinner is almost ready to 18.00 hours when you get home. Only the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the number on the screen, it is easy to control and use.


    Reliable and silent operation- To use it, put the deice in a random jar and fill it with water. There's a big clip on the back of the jar to make sure it doesn't fall off. The main safety features include low water warning (to be switched off if the water is too low to prevent the device from burning). And it's extremely quiet during use, won't disturb the sleeping baby.


    Safety protection

    1. Overheating protection of the engine.

    2. It will automatically switch off when the water level comes below the minus sign.

    Three. It does NOT work if the water is below the minimum or higher than the maximum mark.

    The Biolomix stove is capable of regulating the cooking temperature to a degree (0.C-95.C) below the boiling point of water. Warms the food to a constant temperature and holds it, the best way to bake meat, every juicy, healthy and delicious life!


    Recommendations received:

    Beef and veal (57(C)(1/2 hours)

    Chicken breast (62.C 35 minutes)

    Eggs (75-degree C-13 minutes)

    Carrots (85/C 25 minutes)




    Step 1: Lock food in a vacuum bag and place it in a water bath.

    Step 2: Press the ON button for three seconds and then it beeps and the display is switched on. The display shows the current temperature.

    Step 3: Set the timer to delay the start of the preparation time. Or press the reset button to set the actual cooking time, the "working time" on this device (which only starts counting when the water has reached the right temperature)

    Step 4: Set the temperatures / timer using the black scroll wheel at the front.

    The last step: when the food reaches the desired temperature and time, take it out and serve it.





Biolomix 1500W Sous Vide Cooker LCD Digital timer display Powerful immersion transformer

You can order this product now, it will arrive within thirty days.

Vacuum Sous Vide Food Cooker Powerful immersion transformer LCD Digital timer display stainless steel

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