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    Brand: sport



    collar type: round neck

    Listing time: 2020

    Segmentation style: fashion

    Applicable season: Summer

    Maintenance instructions: when washing clothes, try not to wash with hot water, and do not rub reflective patterns when hand washing. It can be machine washed. When washing, turn over the clothes and put them in the washing machine. Hang them to dry and turn over the pattern part to dry!

    Reflective note: there should be a difference in brightness to have a reflective effect, and the effect of different angles is different, the effect of facing the light is more obvious, and the effect of looking at the distance is more obvious, such as in the direct sunlight angle or the mobile phone flash

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Reflective T-shirt

Delivered in Holland, within about 2 days.
Reflective T-shirt, original design, tailor-made for fans
Tribute to the classic with a great collection value!
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