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    This mini electric ball pump from Donrox is now your ideal tool for pumping balls up to the desired air pressure. It replaces the old hand pump and thus you pump your balls electrically and effortlessly using the built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery of 2000mAh. The auto-stop function also allows you to blow up exactly the right and desired air pressure in your toys and sports balls. With its light weight and compact dimensions, you can easily take the ball pump in its waterproof protective cover anywhere.

    Do you or your children like to play with well-pumped balls and pump your balls full without any effort?

    Then order your Donrox electric ball pump and pump your balls within a handspin to exactly the desired air pressure.

    Suitable for any inflatable ball
    The electric pump with LED flashlight function is supplied with air hose, 2 needles and flow valve for the quick and effective pumping of balls up to the exact air pressure (PSI) you want. Ideal for blowing up a toy ball, volleyball and basketball to football and football. The pump can be set by seven stands within the range of 6 to 12 PSI. Once the ball has reached the desired pressure, the pump stops automatically.

    Donrox electric ball pump
    ✔ Pump up quickly without any effort

    ✔ Always play with a ball with the right tension

    ✔Electric and wireless

    ✔Works on a lithium battery of 2000mAh (3.4V, 7.4Wh)

    ✔Including two needles and plunger

    ✔Including USB charging cable and watertight protective cap

    ✔Installible: 7 stands (6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 PSI)

    ✔Stops automatically when the desired air pressure is reached

    ✔ Light weight with 185g

    ✔Compact with 160 x 36mm

    ✔ Low noise: 65 decibel

    ✔ Pump function of four litres per minute

    ✔ Pump a ball up to exactly the desired pressure within one to two minutes

    ✔Lamp function with 1w LED lamp

    ✔ Safe in use

    ✔ 12-month factory guarantee

    Portable and lightweight
    With its compact dimensions of 160 x 36mm and a weight of only 185 grams, this portable mini-air pump is ideal to take with you to put in your gym bag, backpack or even to put in your pocket.

    Fast and efficient pump function
    With a pump capacity of four litres per minute, blowing up the balls takes only one to two minutes. Pushing and pulling to pump up balls is now definitely a thing of the past. This electric ball pump is powered by a powerful lithium battery of 2000mAh. With a fully charged battery 30-balls can be pumped up.

    Content Packaging
    ▶ 1 x Electric ballast
    ▶ 1 x USB charger
    ▶ 2 x Needles
    ▶ 1 x Running
    ▶ 1 x Airline
    ▶ 1 x Waterproof protective cover
    ▶ 1 x Instructions

    Complete pump kit
    This ballast pump is supplied with a LED flashlight function and 12-month factory warranty. The contents consist of one electric ball pump, one charging cable, two needles, one treadmill, one air hose, one durable watertight protective cap and one manual.

    Note: Donrox

    Model: AP1

    Material pump: ABS

    Color: Black

    Weight: 185 grams

    Dimensions: 160 x 36 mm

    Number of stands: 7

    Sound level: 65 decibel

    To be used up to a minimum -15 oC and up to a maximum of 60oC

    X Not suitable for pumping bicycle tyres

    Air pressure reference table
    Toy ball child: 3-6 PSI

    Volleyball: 4-6 PSI

    Basketball: 7-9 PSI

    Football: 10-12 PSI

    Rugbyball: 10-12 PSI

    Order your Donrox electric ball pump and pump your balls within a handspin to exactly the desired air pressure.

Electric air pump for balls USB chargeable

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